Bone broth and celery powder for gut health and digestion

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Probiotic-Rich Bone Broth Powder

It's official. Ancient Superfood Bone Broth Meets Digestion-Healing Probiotics.

Enjoy healing your digestion with all the benefits of bone broth, including a natural, high quality, and clean source of collagen and protein.

Bone broth is naturally packed with benefits ranging from improving the skin's natural collagen production, gut health, mobility, and muscle growth.

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Detoxifying Celery Powder

Incredible results. One ingredient.

Enjoy improving your body and digestion with the amazing benefits of celery juicing - with all the work done for you!

Our promise is to bring you the highest quality farm-grown celery that is sustainably sourced to make an impact in your life.

Scoop and drink! Your day is set up for success.

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Self Care Starts with Just One Healthy Choice at a Time.

Whether it's taking care of your body, mind, or both at the same time, I see health as the accumulation of the little positive choices that add up over time. Starting my day with our celery juice is the first act of self care that motivates me to keep on making healthy choices to feel my best.

♥️ Katya, founder

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Calming Ashwagandha Gummies

Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years to naturally calm, heal, and restore the body and mind.

Our goal was to use the world's highest quality ashwagandha to create an easy to take superfood gummy that heals, de stresses, and empowers. All of that in just two delicious gummies per day!

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